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Makers Of ‘Lightsaber’ Strike Back On eBay

A Hong Kong firm is using the force of the eBay forum to try and score some revenge on Star Wars makers LucasFilm. LucasFilm recently served a manufacturer of a hand-held laser with a cease-and-desist letter for selling an item it claimed was too close in resemblance to its trademark lightsabers from Star Wars movies. But the Hong Kong firm … Read more

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Snap Up World Cup Final Ball On eBay

Football fans and collectors are battling it out for a piece of World Cup memorabilia on eBay. According to the eBay forum, bids of more than £52,000 have been placed on one of the Jo’bulani balls used in Sunday’s final between Spain and Holland. Proceeds raised from the eBay sale will go to 46664, Nelson Mandela’s HIV / Aids education … Read more

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eBay Goes Down The Toilet

Goofbay is always scouring for eBay bargains, extraordinary sales or items that are just plain weird… But we may be about to get a piece of rock star paraphernalia thanks to Hell Yeah’s Vinnie Paul. The larger than life drum legend, who has been known for selling things on the eBay forum in the past, has revealed that he may … Read more

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LeBron James Pendant On eBay

Thinking it was just costume jewellery, Vaneisha Robinson bought a diamond studded pendant in the shape of LeBron James’ number 23 jersey at a yard sale four years ago. After noticing the diamonds were set in the same way as real ones, she became curious about the pendant’s value several months ago, and now she is set to make a … Read more

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Cricket Club Want Your Items To Sell On eBay

A village cricket club is appealing for unwanted items to sell on the eBay forum so they can buy a state-of-the-art bowling machine. Whitburn Cricket Club says the new equipment will help get more youngsters interested in the summer sport. Paul Sculpher, aged 38 and club second XI captain, said: “We’re hoping to raise enough to pay for a bowling … Read more

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2008 Latigo CS On eBay

Goofbay’s eBay sniper has detected this collector’s item currently up for sale on eBay. Based on the BMW M6, this 2008 Latigo CS is currently available on the eBay forum following on from the prototype model sold in March. The Fisker Latigo CS is the second design from Fisker Coachbuild and was limited to only 150 worldwide. The electronic and … Read more

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Pekar’s Comic Memorabilia Hits eBay

After his passing away yesterday morning, more and more of famed comic book author Harvey Pekar’s work is being listed for sale on the eBay forum. Pekar passed away at the age of 70 after surviving a battle with lymphatic cancer which started in 1990. He was best known for his comic book series “American Splendor,” which was also made … Read more

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Prince’s New Album Hits eBay

Last Saturday’s edition of the Daily Mirror became an instant collector’s item as the giveaway of Prince’s album 20TEN sparked a global bidding war on the eBay forum. Copies of the free album, which came with every paper bought, were being auctioned on eBay for $22, around £14.60, as fans from around the world tried to get their hands on … Read more

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Scottish Castle Listed For Sale On eBay

A castle popular with celebrities in Scotland is being sold on the eBay forum for £3.5 million. Estate agents Savills have opted for the online auction website to sell the historic Myres Castle in Fife. A spokesperson for the estate agents said: “Our job as agents is to make the property available to the widest possible market and eBay is … Read more

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Sci-fi Fan Buys Dredd Truck

Scottish sci-fi fan Mike Ross landed himself an eBay bargain when he bought an engine with a difference. The firefighter bought this futuristic prop similar to that from the Hollywood film Judge Dredd. Ross, aged 46, paid £4,000 on the eBay forum for the converted Land Rover which is just like the one driven in the 1995 blockbuster starring Sylvester … Read more

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