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Confessional On eBay Can’t Become Sauna, Church Rules

Now some Catholics may well work up a sweat whilst in confessional as they admit to things they shouldn’t have done, but Vienna’s archdiocese is ruling that the confession box up for auction on the eBay forum cannot be turned into a sauna. A confessional placed on eBay by a Vienna church undergoing renovations was described as ideal for conversion … Read more

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Chelsea Girls Poster

At the Goofbay blog, we love to report any cool findings from the eBay forum, and today we have another! OK, so it may be a bit pricey, but this iconic signed Alan Aldridge Chelsea Girls poster is one you will rarely see up for auction on eBay. In 1966, Chelsea Girls was an experimental underground film directed by Andy … Read more

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Vale-Rio Diner Up For Sale On eBay

A 60-year-old Phoenixville landmark in America has been put up for auction on the eBay forum. The Vale-Rio Diner, where regulars go for coffee, pie and conversation, was posted onto eBay on July 12th with an asking price of $250,000. Co-owner Francis J. Puleo said that he and his brother Richard J. Puleo had wrestled with what to do with … Read more

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Nintendo For $35,000?

A down on his luck man has had his frown turned upside down thanks to the eBay forum. With a lot of unpaid bills and financial problems getting him down, ronald3868 logged onto eBay to try and annihilate his woes. Wanting something to sell, he listed his old Nintendo Entertainment System on eBay for $35,000. He wrote in his listing: … Read more

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£52k Bid On eBay For World Cup Final Ball

As reported right here on the Goofbay blog yesterday, the World Cup Final ball has been placed for sale on eBay, and it has sparked a bidding frenzy. By midnight last night, the price had soared from £99 to £52,100, with the auction ending at 5pm today. All the proceeds raised from the auction on the eBay forum will go … Read more

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Makers Of ‘Lightsaber’ Strike Back On eBay

A Hong Kong firm is using the force of the eBay forum to try and score some revenge on Star Wars makers LucasFilm. LucasFilm recently served a manufacturer of a hand-held laser with a cease-and-desist letter for selling an item it claimed was too close in resemblance to its trademark lightsabers from Star Wars movies. But the Hong Kong firm … Read more

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Snap Up World Cup Final Ball On eBay

Football fans and collectors are battling it out for a piece of World Cup memorabilia on eBay. According to the eBay forum, bids of more than £52,000 have been placed on one of the Jo’bulani balls used in Sunday’s final between Spain and Holland. Proceeds raised from the eBay sale will go to 46664, Nelson Mandela’s HIV / Aids education … Read more

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eBay Goes Down The Toilet

Goofbay is always scouring for eBay bargains, extraordinary sales or items that are just plain weird… But we may be about to get a piece of rock star paraphernalia thanks to Hell Yeah’s Vinnie Paul. The larger than life drum legend, who has been known for selling things on the eBay forum in the past, has revealed that he may … Read more

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LeBron James Pendant On eBay

Thinking it was just costume jewellery, Vaneisha Robinson bought a diamond studded pendant in the shape of LeBron James’ number 23 jersey at a yard sale four years ago. After noticing the diamonds were set in the same way as real ones, she became curious about the pendant’s value several months ago, and now she is set to make a … Read more

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Cricket Club Want Your Items To Sell On eBay

A village cricket club is appealing for unwanted items to sell on the eBay forum so they can buy a state-of-the-art bowling machine. Whitburn Cricket Club says the new equipment will help get more youngsters interested in the summer sport. Paul Sculpher, aged 38 and club second XI captain, said: “We’re hoping to raise enough to pay for a bowling … Read more

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