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eBay Auction See’s Aussie PM’s Popularity Drop

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd saw his popularity take another hit today thanks to an auction on the Australian eBay forum. The Labor Prime Minister saw his female deputy and his leading opponent attract higher bids than him on the online auction for charity. Rudd received only 10 bids, the highest of which was for $6,300, on the eBay auction … Read more

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Limited Edition Redknapp Stamp Auctioned On eBay

The football family duo of Jamie Redknapp and his dad Harry are on a limited edition stamp being auctioned on eBay for charity. 36-year-old Jamie and Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry appear on the Royal Mail stamp with Jamie as an 11-year-old boy alongside his dad in a park near the Dorset family home. The stamp is part of a limited … Read more

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Record eBay Sale

A lunch date with billionaire investor Warren Buffett became the most expensive eBay sale in history yesterday with the winning bid totaling US$2.63 million. The five-day charity auction ended at the weekend and the winning bidder and up to seven friends will now get to dine with Buffett at Smith & Wollensky steakhouse in Manhattan. The annual auction was the … Read more

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Space Age Lamps A Real eBay Bargain

Goofbay’s eBay sniper has discovered two pieces of space age design from the 1970’s up for auction. A pair of Stefano Cevoli Meridiana lamps has been put up for auction on the US eBay forum giving the winning bidder the chance to add that space age touch to their homes. Both the lamps were made in Italy in the 1970’s. … Read more

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American Profits From BP Oil Disaster

Here at Goofbay, we were surprised this week to discover that people are profiting on eBay from the BP oil disaster. Our eBay sniper detected this week on the US eBay forum a seller offering a ‘tar ball’. The seller lists the item as ‘BP Oil Spill Tar Balls first hit Pensacola Beach, FL’. Following on in the unusual listing, … Read more

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Man Sells Sister On eBay

A Midlands man has sold his sister on eBay after promising to find her a partner. Just over two years ago Simon Lloyd, from Hereford, promised his lovesick sister Becky he would find her a boyfriend if she was single by the time she was 30. After hitting the milestone age on May 28, he decided to use eBay tools … Read more

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Extra Terrestrial Vehicle Available On eBay

Goofbay’s eBay sniper alerted us to this strange and wacky sale from someone in Florida, USA. Whilst a member of staff was searching through cars listed on the auction website around the world, the eBay sniper brought this intriguing sale to our attention. Detected through the eBay typos we use in our eBay tools, we were alerted to this Extra … Read more

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‘Mini Skirt Meteorology’ Can Be Used For Weather Forecasts According To Research

A study carried out by auction website eBay has revealed that sales of skimpy ladies leg-apparel soared a few days before the Met Office announced that we were set for last week’s mini heat wave. Female eBay hacks across the land used auction sniper and eBay tips to snap up summer clothing in preparation for the hot weather. eBay spokeswomen … Read more

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Graduate Attemps To Sell Diploma On eBay

An American student, recently graduated, has decided to sell his diploma on eBay for $36,000. Purdue University graduate Nick Enlow has also added a $3.50 shipping and handling fee for the winning bidding to pay. The sale looks to be a hopeful act of desperation that an ‘eccentric millionaire’ will pick up the tab for Enlow’s education. However eBay have determined … Read more

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Grab Yourself A Work Of Art At eBay

If you want to purchase affordable art then get yourself an eBay bargain.  Whilst it is unlikely that you will pick up a Picasso for cheap, if you want some interesting imagery that isn’t going to cost a fortune, then eBay has loads of it.  A great example of the art available is this striking Rafael Bogarin signed op art … Read more

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