eBay Reunites Gran With Long Lost Cornet

A Gran went on to eBay to buy a Cornet, and found the childhood instrument she sold in 1968.

Brass band member Cynthia Godley, aged 66, recognised the distinctive box for the item she originally bought for £10 when she was aged 12.

The instrument dates from the 1800s, and Cynthia, who lives in Dorset, played it in five orchestras before reluctantly selling it to raise cash when she was 25.

After 41 long years, Cynthia is now reunited with the cornet after paying £24.99 for it on the auction website.  She said; “I’m overjoyed.  It’s like having my baby back.  It even had my original mouthpiece.”

She continued; “When I was 12, I saved for months doing a paper round so I could afford it.  It was a good one.  But when I was married and had a baby, I needed the money.  When I sold the cornet I regretted it.  I never thought I’d see it again.”

Cynthia is even quids in on the Cornet.  She originally bought it for £15 in 1968, which is around £300 in today’s money.

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