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Stolen Motorbike Duo Jailed After eBay Sales

Two men have this week been sentenced to jail for handling stolen motorcycle parts and selling them on eBay. The men have received a total of five years and four months in prison.  Paul James, aged 33, and Seamus McGlynn, aged 26, appeared at Southwark Crown Court charged with handling stolen motorcycles and parts.  They both pleaded guilty. Following a … Read more

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eBay Fraud Gang Leader Gets Jail Time

A Rochdale man has been jailed for orchestrating a major fraud involving the sale of iTunes vouchers on eBay.  26-year-old Suhail Tufail was the leader of a gang who used stolen credit cards to purchase more than £750,000 worth of iTunes vouchers. The gang then attempted to launder the money by selling the vouchers on eBay and other internet auction … Read more

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eBay Brings In Improved Item Condition Options

When relisting items on eBay you will now be given the opportunity to select the new updated Item Condition options in certain categories. Instead of just the old ‘New’ or ‘Used’ options that were available, there are now a host of new Item Specifics such as ‘Manufacturer Refurbished’, ‘For Parts or Not Working’, ‘New With/Without Box’ and ‘New With Defects’. … Read more

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eBay Delivery A Great Tool For New Businesses

eBay delivery could be a great tool for anyone who wants to start up their own business. Beginning life as the head of a small business can be very daunting, but the key is to take small steps at a time, recommended internet magazine Online Resource eConsultancy. After deciding on a product range or service, the next step for any … Read more

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eBay News From Down Under

eBay is feeling the love again down under from the Australian Competition and Consumers Commission  after the online auction giant announced that it would change its controversial payment methods system, as the Goofbay Blog reported yesterday. In addition to the payment changes, the online auction site will also launch a Basic Store fee for music and books.  Starting July 8th, … Read more

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UK Sellers To Get 50% Off International Site Visibility

A price promotion on International Site Visibility upgrades has today been announced by eBay. In between the dates of 15th-29th May, the price of ISV will be reduced from 30p to 15p.  The promotion is only available to UK resident sellers registered on eBay UK.  It is valid in all categories for items using BIN format. For people who are … Read more

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eBay Buyers Not Convinced Of Change

eBay announced in March that they would be adding cross-promotional advertising to fixed price listings on eBay UK. They have announced today that from May 17th. They will also be testing these links on UK auction sites.  If the seller would like to opt out of these then they can: Log in to your eBay account Under ‘Account’, selected ‘Marketing … Read more

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Drake Confesses To Being An ‘eBay Guru’

Canadian rapper Drake today revealed that he used to be an ‘eBay Guru’. The rapper revealed that when he was 17 he used to always shop on eBay and he knew the ins and outs of the site. Speaking to MTV News in the US he said; “When I was 17, I was heavy on eBay, I was a beast.  … Read more

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eBay Auction Goes The Full Monty

Steve Huison is going the Full Monty as he raises money for charity on eBay. Huison, who plays Coronation Street’s Eddie Windass and also played Lomper in The Full Monty, is auctioning of his prized leather thong he wore in the hilarious movie about male strippers from Sheffield. Huison said; “I’ve hung onto it all this time waiting for the … Read more

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eBay Conman Sentenced To 250 Hours Community Service

A conman is to serve 15 minutes community service for every eBay scam he has committed. Conman Andrew Green has been sentenced to 250 hours community service after selling over 1,000 bogus children’s items on the auction website. The 37-year-old Enfield man netted £9,000 from selling the fakes, most of which were clothes, including rip-off’s of Bob the Builder, Hannah … Read more

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