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Save 66% on DVDs With eBay’s Daily Deal

Check out today’s eBay deal! Save 66.0%! £ 14.99 – Pirates of the Caribbean/Toy Story 9 November 2012 Today Only Pirates of The Caribbean/Toy Story Save: 66% OFF.RRP £44.99*. Free delivery, PayPal offered *RRP...

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New Site, New Look, New Name…Goofbid!

For those of you expecting to visit the website today, you’ll no doubt have been surprised by some fairly drastic changes. Firstly, there’s no need to adjust your monitor; that’s right, we’ve changed our...

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Seller Restrictions on iPhone 5

eBay have posted via their announcements board that several restrictions will apply to sellers of the new iPhone 5. The launch of the new phone was announced on Wednesday at an event in San...