How to Get a Bargain on Wearable Fitness Tech

In 2016, wearable fitness tech has been huge with the popularity looking to continue into 2017 and beyond. Increasingly technology that tracks and records fitness and activity levels have been the most prominent items selling with the likes of Fitbit and Garmin being at the forefront.

Some major global employers like BP and eBay have even started encouraging staff to wear Fitbit and similar wearable tech to track their activity levels.

Staff who wear fitness trackers like Fitbit are offered a discount on their health insurance. Other corporations like Coca-Cola are encouraging their workers to sleep more using technology such as the Misfit Shine Fitness + Sleep monitor.

It’s a Buyer’s Market for Wearable Fitness Tech on eBay

With the huge rise in popularity in fitness wearable tech, there has been a large increase in supply on eBay. I did a search for the popular Fitbit Charge brought in over 1400 listings while a similar search for the Misfit Shine Fitness + Sleep had over 200.

With this jump in supply, it’s a buyer’s market when it comes to wearable tech on eBay. Style and fashion are important for brands such as Fitbit and Misfit so you know there are deals out there for discontinued or older models.

For example, the Misfit Shine Fitness + Sleep 2 sells new for around £80-100 whereas you can buy older models on eBay for less than £50. Second hand items can be bought for even cheaper!

misfit shine fitness + sleep buy cheap on ebay

I’ve also seen a big change in prices for the Fitbit Charge – you can buy second hand or pre-owned units for around £60 which is half the cost of the high street (£120-£130). Admittedly there is more risk involved buying on eBay however if you are using a reputable dealer or seller you should be fine.

If you’re a bit more serious about running and fitness, the Garmin Vivomsart HR + may be a good option.

Like the FitBit Charge, the Vivosmart HR includes a built in heart rate monitor to track your fitness levels and output for resting and in the gym. This is great for seeing if those gym sessions are having a positive effect.

If you buy new online or on the high street, expect to pay upwards of £170. However there are some fantastic deals on eBay:

A quick search brought up some boxed Garmins selling for under £90-100. At these prices, you’d be crazy to buy new!

buy wearable fitness tech ebay fitbit charge cheap where to

Grab an eBay Bargain for Wearable Fitness Tech

Wearable fitness technology is popular now and is only going to get more so. That means there will continue to be big bargains available as new models and styles are released all the time.

Instead of trying to buy new, why not look at some of the options I’ve listed above? You could save a heap of cash and get some stylish wearable tech at the same time as well as tracking your fitness, heart rate and sleep quality.


P.S. Have you found some awesome bargains on wearable tech? Why not leave a comment and let us know your top tips.

Jim Miller

Jim has been buying and selling on eBay for over 15 years! He's sold (and bought) some weird stuff and still uses it to buy all kinds of deals. When he's not cruising online bargains, Jim likes to write and help others spot a bargain and make money.

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