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A Welsh market stall owner is selling her collectables shop on the eBay forum to open an animal rescue centre at her home.

Collectors Corner owner Christine Haveron, aged 46 from Wrexham, has had the stall in Chester Market for 14 years but she has now decided to put the specialist toy store up for auction for £49,000 to follow her dream.

Christine said: “It’s something I have always wanted to do. I just thought if I don’t do it now I won’t be able to in 20 years time.” She added: “Where we live in Wrexham we have got the land and the rescue centres cannot help them. I’m hoping the money from this can help.”

Christine currently runs an online shop from eBay called devacollector, and she decided to use the website to sell the shop after agencies wanted extortionate amounts of money to advertise.

She said: “If someone wants to move to Chester and they are looking to run a good business then the market is a great place. I deal in collectables and toys, the things you can’t get in the big shops, as well as the mainstream things.

“It doesn’t have to be collectables, I have got other things on the licence and you can ask the council to change it as well. The internet took off for me about six years ago and it’s brought people into the market.”

If you fancy it, use Goofbay’s free eBay sniper to ensure you get your hands on the stall. You can view the listing by clicking here.

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