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Brighton FC Relic Auctioned On eBay

Their old Goldstone Ground was once sold for £100, yet a sign from Brighton and Hove Albion’s past is set to raise more than five times that amount on the eBay forum. The relic from the old stadium has been put up on the internet auction site eBay by Seagulls supporter James Foster. The sign was used to welcome fans … Read more

Banksy Wall Art For Sale On eBay

A wall painting alleged to have been created by the British graffiti artist known as Banksy is being sold on the eBay forum with an opening bid of $75,000. Yesterday, the Detroit Free Press said the 8×4, 2,000 pound painting, which is of a yellow bird in a cage, was excavated from Detroit’s Packard Plant last June. Although the item … Read more

Large Effigy Appears On eBay In Charity Auction

A large birthday effigy that stands taller than a giraffe is up for auction on eBay. The huge wooden statue, which includes brillo pad materials for the beard, was a labour of love for Maidenhead lads Paul Gravestock and Craig Van Asche. They spent around 100 hours of hard graft building the bizarre present. The duo built the model version … Read more

Rare Coin Appears On eBay

After generations of schoolboys had searched through their change in the hope of finding one, at last, a 1933 penny bearing the head of King George V has surfaced on the eBay forum. Coin experts have always worked on the assumption that only seven such coins were minted, and, if genuine, this one would be worth at least £80,000. Yesterday … Read more

Miley Cyrus Sale On eBay

Miley Cyrus has decided to clean out her closet and sell the items on the eBay forum. This is no spring clean, as Miley is doing it for a good cause. The Veronica ‘Ronnie’ Miller of “The Last Song” will put her items on eBay with all proceeds from the auctions benefiting a charity program for youngsters. It was announced … Read more

Funny Man Stole Potter Stars Items To Sell On eBay

Harry Potter Emma Watson may have noticed some of her possessions vanishing whilst she was at school, well the Goofbay blog can now reveal why. Mock The Week funnyman Jack Whitehall was a former classmate of Emma’s and today he admitted to “acquiring” some of her things and sticking them up for auction on the eBay forum after she found … Read more

Virginity Sold After eBay Sale

A teenage Hungarian has sold her virginity to a British buyer who won a £200,000 bidding war. The sale was originally launched on the eBay forum, but was completed after the bidder and girl continued negotiations by email after the online auction giant discovered the nature of the transaction and pulled the plug. The 18-year-old girl, who identified herself only … Read more

Visotronic Digital Alarm Clock Listed On eBay

Get yourself onto Goofbay’s free auction sniper right now to grab yourself this retro alarm clock. This Braun DN 50 Visotronic digital alarm clock by Ludwig Littmann is currently only £1.20 on the eBay forum! The design is over 30 years old, but it still looks fresh today. The L-shaped alarm clock was designed in 1975 by Littmann under the … Read more

1960s Ertemide Bacco Bar On eBay

For fans of space age design, a 1960s Ertemide Bacco Bar by Sergio Mazza is available on the eBay forum for a juicy price right now. It was produced by Artemide between 1967 and the early 70s, it is a very distinctive design and made of moulded plastic. It is set on casters, with an inset glass top and it … Read more

Buy Market Stall On eBay

A Welsh market stall owner is selling her collectables shop on the eBay forum to open an animal rescue centre at her home. Collectors Corner owner Christine Haveron, aged 46 from Wrexham, has had the stall in Chester Market for 14 years but she has now decided to put the specialist toy store up for auction for £49,000 to follow … Read more

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