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July, 2010

New Social Media Rewards Scheme Launched By eBay

A new social media programme that will recognise the sellers who most use Twitter and Facebook has been launched by eBay. While still in its early days, the eBay Ink Social Media Seller programme looks to be good news for the most dedicated eBay sellers. Sellers who use social media the most to enhance their presence online will be identified … Read more

Chelsea Girls Poster

At the Goofbay blog, we love to report any cool findings from the eBay forum, and today we have another! OK, so it may be a bit pricey, but this iconic signed Alan Aldridge Chelsea Girls poster is one you will rarely see up for auction on eBay. In 1966, Chelsea Girls was an experimental underground film directed by Andy … Read more

eBay Proves To Be Popular

Results from the first week of July show that eBay is the online retail site receiving the greatest proportion of visitors, outpacing rivals Amazon by a considerable margin. 21.32% of all visitors to online shopping outlets viewed the eBay forum. Surprisingly, the USA was the only country where eBay did not take pole position according to the figures published by … Read more

Vale-Rio Diner Up For Sale On eBay

A 60-year-old Phoenixville landmark in America has been put up for auction on the eBay forum. The Vale-Rio Diner, where regulars go for coffee, pie and conversation, was posted onto eBay on July 12th with an asking price of $250,000. Co-owner Francis J. Puleo said that he and his brother Richard J. Puleo had wrestled with what to do with … Read more

Nintendo For $35,000?

A down on his luck man has had his frown turned upside down thanks to the eBay forum. With a lot of unpaid bills and financial problems getting him down, ronald3868 logged onto eBay to try and annihilate his woes. Wanting something to sell, he listed his old Nintendo Entertainment System on eBay for $35,000. He wrote in his listing: … Read more

eBay Warning For Users

Internet users have been warned about a virus that pretends to be a message from the eBay forum. People who are using eBay to order their next parcel delivery should be on high alert for a new malware campaign that is pretending to be the online auctioneers. Online users have been warned about a new virus that is using a … Read more

eBay Traders Cash In On Killer Moat’s ‘Popularity’

Traders on the eBay forum have been cashing in on the sick wave of support for killer Roaul Moat by selling ‘commemorative’ t-shirts. Our Goofbay eBay sniper noticed one seller was offering garish orange t-shirts emblazoned with the murderer’s face over the word ‘Moaty’. They were selling for £8 each and came in a range of sizes, including one aimed … Read more

£52k Bid On eBay For World Cup Final Ball

As reported right here on the Goofbay blog yesterday, the World Cup Final ball has been placed for sale on eBay, and it has sparked a bidding frenzy. By midnight last night, the price had soared from £99 to £52,100, with the auction ending at 5pm today. All the proceeds raised from the auction on the eBay forum will go … Read more

Makers Of ‘Lightsaber’ Strike Back On eBay

A Hong Kong firm is using the force of the eBay forum to try and score some revenge on Star Wars makers LucasFilm. LucasFilm recently served a manufacturer of a hand-held laser with a cease-and-desist letter for selling an item it claimed was too close in resemblance to its trademark lightsabers from Star Wars movies. But the Hong Kong firm … Read more

Twist In The LeBron James Pendant Story

The Goofbay blog has a strange twist to tell you in the story of the girl who ‘owned’ the LeBron James pendant which was be sold on eBay. The Ohio woman, who we reported yesterday said she paid $5 at a yard sale for the jewellery then discovered it was worth $10,000, says that it has now been taken from … Read more

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