eBay Announces New ‘eBay Authenticate’ Tool

Are you a seller that has problems selling designer fashion items or are you the buyer that doesn’t trust them?  This no longer has to be an issue as eBay has announced the launch of eBay Authenticate, which will be available later this year. With the new tool, you no longer have to worry if that Chanel handbag you have had your eye on is real or not, because with the authenticate tool you can feel confident that what you’re buying is the real thing.


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Counterfeit items have always been a problem on marketplace sites, especially eBay. The online site has put in place ways of cracking down on fake goods in the past, but as there is a wide range of fake goods it’s hard to find them all.

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Some shoppers feel hesitant in buying high-end products, but people who are selling the real thing can rest assure that buyers will now feel happy enough to purchase. A lot of online businesses who use eBay already authenticate their own goods to keep fake items at bay but big companies like eBay have been lacking this, until now. The tool will build more trust between eBay and buyers, while at the same time make more money for sellers.

How does eBay Authenticate work?

Sellers and buyers can use the tool for a small fee on certain items. Once an item sells, a professional authenticator will review the item and if it passes inspection then it can be shipped to the person buying.

If the item turns out to be a fake then the buyer receives a refund two times the cost of the original price, forming more trust with eBay! How great is that?

Buyers can opt-in to the service when they sell an item or the seller can use the service on an item of their choice for a fee. The new tool looks like it will focus on high-end fashion products but could expand to other areas in the future. You may see some tests being rolled out while using eBay, before they launch it in the coming months.

So being afraid of buying that designer handbag you’ve just found for a great price on eBay is no more, you can shop freely on eBay without the worry of being scammed or losing money.

Image of a woman smiling using ebay authenticate on a laptop and holding her credit card for online shopping

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