eBay Product Description Mistakes Spell Big Xmas Savings

Can you make Xmas money savings by taking advantage of eBay misspelling?

eBay is the largest online auction site. Thousands of products are bought and sold on a daily basis. Most items are bought and sold without a hitch.

But what about those items with wrongly or misspelled titles? How easy are they to find? And could they offer you savings against regular prices?

I don’t know about you, but I love saving money. That’s one of the reasons why I shop on eBay: you can get some eye popping deals on a whole range of products including tech, clothing and shoes.

I’ve even sold musical instruments on eBay (and for good money). But did you ever wonder if there was a way to get a good deal on items with misspelled titles and product descriptions?

Poorly Written Product Descriptions Spell Xmas Savings for Savvy Shoppers

Out of the thousands of items sold on eBay each day, it’s estimated that over 1500 of those contain misspelled words.

This article from 2014 detailed the 5 most commonly misspelled words, the foremost being ‘jewelry’.

Electronics brands such as Kindle (Kindel), Sennheiser (Senheiser) and Samsung (Samsug) are also regularly misspelled which could mean big savings on these brands for us brighter buyers.

And for someone like me who loves reading, listening to music and watching zombie films in HD quality, this is great news.

And with Xmas coming up, taking advantage of misspellings on eBay is the smart money move.

Samsung Misspelling Deals

Find misspelt auctions for cheap

The Best Way to Take Advantage of eBay Misspelling

What is the best way to take advantage of misspelled words on eBay? With our FREE eBay Misspelling Search tool of course (get it here).

It’s a really simple tool that could bring you some serious Christmas bargains. Just enter the correct spelling of the product or auction you’re searching for, add your price range and hit ‘enter’.

Our powerful search tool does the rest, sifting out the absolute howlers (try not to laugh too much at the product titles). You’ll get a list of all the products matching your search just waiting for you to swoop in and grab a bargain.

You will also be able to see other information on our search screen including positive feedback and whether the auction has a ‘Buy it Now’ option or not.

It’s simple really – and totally legal and within the rules of eBay usage. Our tools just make it easier to score a festive bargain than ever.

Conclusion – eBay Misspelling Means Big Savings

Christmas time is the season of shopping. But why pay more than you need to when there are deals to be made on misspelled eBay items right now?

You can make great savings by searching smart, spotting those bargains. Making your money go further at Christmas couldn’t be easier.

Check out our free tools and get bidding.


P.S. Once you’ve located the best misspelled bargains, you can use our FREE eBay Sniper app to give you the best chance of winning. Download it here (iOS) or here (Android).

Jim Miller

Jim has been buying and selling on eBay for over 15 years! He's sold (and bought) some weird stuff and still uses it to buy all kinds of deals. When he's not cruising online bargains, Jim likes to write and help others spot a bargain and make money.

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