We wanted to highlight a few of our tips and tricks in order to up your chances to WIN more auctions on eBay. Follow this guide and you will be sure to do just that!

We have ordered these from MOST to LEAST important for you, so take a read and the likelihood is your snipe WILL WIN! 

1. Check your eBay details are UP TO DATE

Often a snipe fails due to a user changing their eBay username or password and forgetting to update Goofbid. It is vital that you have entered the correct username and password onto our system otherwise it is impossible for us to place a bid on your behalf. When you enter your password, we check it immediately and if it is incorrect you will get a message which says “Your eBay login details are incorrect” – so to be 100% sure please check your eBay Details here.

2. Create a secure eBay password

If your eBay password is deemed to have a low security score this can result in an extra security step (or captcha box) on login which can block a snipe from being placed. If your password is a single English word or noun (such as your name or favourite sport) followed by a number, such as “john1” or “football99” then you NEED to change it immediately. We recommend using passwords which mix case, and have at least one number – try putting two words together plus a number (for example “My99Password”).

Once you have updated your password at eBay, come back to Goofbid and update it within the My Details section of the site. Changing your eBay password is easy, simply follow the instructions here.

3. Be aware of bid increments

It is essential that you understand eBay Bid Increments and where they change. Many eBayers are not aware of the increments eBay use, and are confused / angry when their snipe doesn’t win, despite being higher than the final sale price.

For e.g. if an auction is currently on £30.00 and you set a snipe of £30.02 (2p above the current bid) you will not win the auction as the next minimum bid requirement is £31.00 (bids in this price bracket go up in £1 increments). This is the main reason snipers lose an auction; their snipe was slightly higher but failed to meet the next increment.

4. Bid to the max

We have a lots of people who fall foul to bid increments and set a snipe which is equal to (or slightly above) the winning auction price, but not a high enough bid to outbid the highest bidder. If the sniper had been willing to pay just a little bit more they would have won the item. So if you really want the item, remember; your snipe is the final say you have in the auction.

5. Never bid even amounts

eBayers are fairly predictable and often bid in even amounts (whole numbers such as £10, £15, £20 and so on). When this is done using Automatic Bidding (also known as Proxy Bids) it means even if you snipe higher than the current bid price, you will still be outbid should their proxy bid be higher than your snipe (because technically their bid was placed before yours). Because of this, it is vital that you snipe HIGHER than the bidders proxy bid.

6. Link your PayPal account to your eBay account

eBay Sellers continue to have more methods of blocking unwanted bidders. As a bidder, you need to ensure you that you cover as many seller requirements as possible. A common reason for a bid being blocked is failure to Link your PayPal account to your eBay account – anyone using a sniper should link their PayPal account to their eBay account otherwise, your snipe may be blocked by this seller requirement.

It is VERY easy to link your PayPal account to your eBay account, simply follow these 3 steps.

7. Confirm your Primary address

A Confirmed address helps verify your identify therefore can help meet buyer requirements (meaning your snipe is less likely to fail). If you have more than one address associated with your PayPal account (a home address, a work address) it may be the case that your Primary address is not confirmed, for successful sniping it is important that you confirm your Primary address.

It is really easy to confirm your Primary address, simply follow the instructions here.

8. Remove the Buy it Now

Some auctions are both auction format and have a Buy it Now price. This means that you run the risk of someone else using the Buy it Now and winning the item whilst you are waiting to snipe. On auctions of this format, if you place a bid on the item (which meets the reserve) the Buy it Now option disappears. So place a manual bid on the auction until the reserve is met (removing the Buy it Now option) and then set a snipe for your max bid.

10. Tool yourself up

Finally, use other free Goofbid tools and combine them with a snipe. Often you can get items cheaper by searching for misspelt items. Also, keep an eye out for auctions ending between midnight and the early morning. When people are in bed, they are not bidding, so there are opportunities for bargains (and a sniper never sleeps).

11. Check your emails

Our system will automatically notify you should a bid higher than your snipe be placed on an item. It’s important to check these email notifications to ensure you increase your snipe max bid to be above the next bid increment.



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3 Responses

  1. Stephen Arnold says:

    its been a couple of weeks now and i fully expected the log in problem to have been fixed by now
    but just tried to log in and hay presto its still the same

  2. admin says:

    Hi Stephen,

    The log in issue has been fixed for weeks, please email [email protected] with your Goofbid and eBay usernames and we will look into that for you.


  3. John says:

    What is wrong with the snipe system? I’ve been on Goofbid for years. My subscription, password etc. are up to date, as are my Ebay details .
    Now, starting recently, every valid Ebay item number I enter to the snipe tool, I’m told by Goofbid can’t be recognised. So I can’t snipe at all. What is the problem?

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