How To Get The Most Savings With eBay Shopping

Shopping at eBay can be a wonderful experience because it possesses all the benefits that online shopping offers. Plus, when you find exactly what you are looking for at a bargain price then it doesn’t get any better than that.

To make your eBay shopping adventure a total success you want to utilize resources that are going to help you save the most you possibly can.

Source Out The Local Deals:

Several sellers on eBay will not ship and they sell as “pick up only.” This means they are getting fewer bids which means keeping the sale price lower. While you are not able to do a specific search for pick up only there are some apps that have been developed to help you find these kinds of deals. A good example of this is the Local eBay Deals Mapper. Plus there are other apps for this purpose that can be used on your iPhone or Android.

Track The Unique Items:

It may be that you are looking for some unusual or unique items that are really hard to find on eBay. You can track these by having eBay send you an alert email whenever that item is listed. All you have to do is type the name of the item you are looking for in the eBay search bar. Then click on “follow this search”. Make sure your search is detailed and then whenever your item gets listed on eBay you will be notified. This way you can get the opportunity to purchase the item before a potential bidding war begins and you can do some price comparisons as they become listed.

Find The Best Price:

Here you can put the market value to good work. When you are at the eBay search box tick beside where it says “completed items”. This will produce a price list of what similar auctions have generated. Make sure you sort this list by “lowest price”. Look at the colours of the price and take note that if they are in black it means they were not sold. This way you can be sure you are not going to pay for an item that you want at a price that is above average. You can also make use of Goofbid’s free eBay sniper to ensure that you never pay over the odds for a product.

Know What Your Total Cost Is Going To Be:

It is easy to get excited over the cost of the item and forget to add in the cost of shipping. Then when the final price is calculated you are a little shocked as to just how much your item is really going to cost you. Unfortunately some eBay sellers escalate the cost of shipping so they earn a little more. eBay is taking steps to prevent this by stipulating a maximum postage amount for many of the categories. To make sure that you immediately realize your true cost begin by doing a search for the item you are after and then sort the items by lowest price + P&P. This will be more effective for buy-it-now items because auction listings can change rapidly.

When you combine these few tips and put them to good use you are going to save yourself some extra money which makes your eBay shopping experience even better.

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