Misspelled eBay listings

When sellers want to list a pair of earrings or a laptop computer on eBay, they must carefully write their description, pair it with a beautiful picture of the item and price it accordingly. They wait and wait for the piece to sell only to find that there are no bids at all. Instead of getting hundreds of competitive bidders driving up the prices, they find that there are only a few bidders with low price offers.

When sellers are listing their items, it only takes a moment to check a dictionary for the right spelling of complicated or unknown words, but many sellers type an item by how it sounds. There are many listings for “labtops” and “earings”, which bring in little to no bids in the online marketplace.

Goofbid Misspelling Tool

Savvy bidders know that they can find slip-ups and misspelled eBay listings and purchase items for a fraction of the price. Whether they are a collector looking for finds that nobody else knows about, or bidders who clean up the listing and resell items with the correct spellings, buyers are finding great bargains among the listings that are vague or spelled incorrectly.

Every day, sellers are placing their listings on the giant online marketplace with the hopes that the item will sell for lots of money. Instead, there are many listings that are being overlooked because of bad spelling. There’s no real number on how many misspelled eBay listings are out there on a given day.

With Goofbid, you can enter a search for a misspelling and find the items easily. If you type in a brand-name like Manolo Blahnik, you’ll receive common misspellings and variation on the name in the search results. The word jewelry is big on misspellings too, which could mean you score a huge deal on a pair of diamond earrings especially if they’re spelling “dimond earings” on the site.

Along with searching for misspellings, you can widen your search results to include other factors like the category, since the item could be listed in the wrong one, and listings with zero bids, which is a good indicator that the item isn’t getting seen by many people. Goofbid will also save your search in case there weren’t any matches currently.

If you want to find hidden deals on misspelled eBay listings, a site like Goofbid can be a goldmine. It’ll help you find deals for items you’re collecting, or in case you want to resell them for the correct price and under the right listing.

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3 Responses

  1. John says:

    Something is wrong with your system for warning ebay buyers that some items have not been paid for.

    I always pay for my items very quickly after auctions finish, and if it has been a sniped item , I click on the Goofbid ‘Pay’ tab, and always pay via Paypal unless it is local payment on collection. So why am I getting so many warnings that I have not paid for some items, and why are items listed on Goofbid as unpaid when when they are not? Is there a broken link with Ebay/Paypal somewhere?

  2. Tish says:

    Hello, yes I am a premium member and I have gotten the same zNot PaidFor Item notice in your system when I know the item has been paid for

  3. Sarah Prescott says:

    Hi guys

    Sometimes it takes a while for our systems to get the latest data from eBay so this is why sometimes a message is displayed stating that you have unpaid for items when you actually don’t. This message will disappears very soon when the latest data has been collected from eBay.

    Hope this clears things up. 🙂

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