Top 5 Must Have Toys for Christmas 2016

What are the must have toys of 2016? There are several to choose from and in this article I’ve compiled the top five toys that I think are going to be in demand this Christmas.

By now, your kids’ letters have been posted off to Santa (and hopefully you got a peek at them for inspiration before they got sent to the North Pole). The clock is ticking – it will soon be time for Christmas Shopping or as I like to call it ‘The Epic Retail Quest of [insert year]’.

But what is going to be the hot ticket item on every child’s wishlist this year. And where are going to find the best deals?

Must Have Toy - Furby

The Furby is always a popular choice as a children’s Christmas present.

The Top 5 Must Have Toys – 2016

1. VTech KidiZoom Action Cam

If your kids are the adventurous type, this ‘Go-Pro’ for kids is a must have toy. It is a simple but powerful portable camera that comes with a waterproof case and can even be mounted and used as a head-cam. Perfect for holidays and home movies. The camera comes with a removable SD card and accessories are available such as a tripod and a neoprene case.

This is already looking scarce (Amazon was sold out at the time of writing) but there is plenty of stock on eBay. You will save the stress of the shops and maybe some pennies in the process.

2. Nerf Modulus – Customisable Foam Dart Gun

If you didn’t grow up with Nerf guns, you really missed out. You could have hours of fun shooting soft foam darts at you siblings, Dad and even the pet cat. Early Nerf were pretty basic but these days it’s a full blown arms race.

Enter the Nerf Modulus series which comprises a number of interchangeable and customisable components that allow you to build your own blaster. There is a range of new and used components for sale on eBay starting at around £7.99 with some very attractive deals.

3. Furby Connect

Back in 1998, the Furby was the hottest toy. It sold nearly 27 million (!) in that year alone. And 18 years later, Furby is making a comeback with the hi-tech Furby Connect. This must have toy now comes with it’s own app, over 100 facial expressions and the ability to automatically update. Sadly this current model doesn’t do dishes or walk the dog. But you can pick them up on eBay and save on the RRP of £99.99.

4. LEGO City Volcano Explorer Playsets

My son absolutely loves the LEGO Volcano Explorer series which means I get to play with it all the time. It’s also a must have toy for 2016. The story is simple – a group of intrepid vulcanologists are off exploring volcanoes – and anything could happen.

The ‘Exploration Base’ playset is the big bhoona and includes an entire volcano, truck, figurines and other small vehicles. There are savings on eBay of around £30 on the RRP of £79.99 – but you’d better be quick – this is a hot (geddit?) toy.

5. My Dream Puppy

Remember when a cuddly toy was just a cuddly toy? Not anymore. Now we have the fully interactive ‘Snuggles’ from the Hasbro ‘My Dream Puppy’ range. Snuggles (a boy) is fully interactive and can be fed, played with and put down for a little doggy nap. He doesn’t poop or need pet insurance and can be adopted from eBay for around £50 although this is likely to rise with demand.

Summary – Must Have Toys for Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016 is just around the corner so it’s important to know what the must have toys are. And there are some seriously attractive deals on eBay on these toys. There also seems to be greater availability on more in demand toys like Snuggles and the VTech Active Cam which could save you a lot of disappointment come the 25th!


P.S. To make eBay Christmas shopping, we’ve developed a FREE sniper and eBay search app. Get it here (iOS) or here (Android).


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