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Today’s eBay Deals – Savings on Game & Jewellery

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas? How about taking a look at eBay’s deals today – 33% saving on the great Gator Golf Game and a huge saving of 54% on costume jewellery. Save 33.0%! £ 12.00 – Gator Golf Game 8 November 2012 Today Only Gator Golf Game Save: 33% OFF.RRP £18.00*. Free delivery, PayPal offered *RRP as … Read more

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Ever Wondered What The Most Expensive Item Sold on eBay is?

eBay has become one of the premier Web destinations and one of the go-to places to buy and sell goods you can’t get elsewhere, it’s helped change the way people shop on the Internet. User confidence has grown tremendously thanks to new buyer protection rules, so much so that, buyers feel comfortable spending huge amounts on whatever they’re bidding on. … Read more

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eBay Daily Deal – Save 68% – Snow / Ice Spike Grippers

Christmas is coming and if the last couple of winters are anything to go by, so is the snow! eBay’s deal of the day is a huge saving on snow/ice shoe spike grippers. Save 68.0%! £ 7.99 – Snow / Ice Shoe Spike Grippers 7 November 2012 Today Only Snow / Ice Shoe Spike Grippers Save: 68% OFF.RRP £24.99*. Free … Read more

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eBay Changes – Checkout in 2 Clicks!

eBay’s new, faster checkout which was announced last month is now available to most buyers. This means you will now have the option to sail through checkout in as few as two clicks! All you need to do to have a faster checkout experience and streamline your future purchases is simply link your eBay account to PayPal during your next … Read more

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New Site, New Look, New Name…Goofbid!

For those of you expecting to visit the website today, you’ll no doubt have been surprised by some fairly drastic changes. Firstly, there’s no need to adjust your monitor; that’s right, we’ve changed our name to Goofbid. The move has been made to fulfill eBay’s trademark requirements; contrary to reports that we got jealous of eBay’s new logo and wanted … Read more

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Seller Restrictions on iPhone 5

eBay have posted via their announcements board that several restrictions will apply to sellers of the new iPhone 5. The launch of the new phone was announced on Wednesday at an event in San Francisco. Authorised retailers of the iPhone will be able to post unlimited listings, with Top Rated sellers based within the phones and accessories sector able able … Read more

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iphone 5

eBay Have a New Logo

It’s been recognised as almost a household institution since the 90s with it’s iconic logo, but eBay is undergoing a transformation. The logo which is recognised the World around is now being replaced by…well, almost the same thing. The new logo retains the same colours, but has been simplified. The letters have also been pulled apart to stand separately and … Read more

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eBay Now Enhances Product Delivery

eBay Now Enhances Product Delivery eBay have rolled out eBay Now, a shopping App focusing on improving delivery and shopping experience. Demand on the web to offer faster moving fulfillment of orders is ever present. People tend to live very fast paced lives in modern society and this is reflected in the way they make purchases. eBay’s goal of offering … Read more

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eBay Launch Apprenticeship Programme

With over 16 million unique users a month to ebay in the UK alone, the Auction giant is now choosing to pick its latest set of recruits from grassroots level to better develop and mould them into eBay experts. A new apprentice programme has been launched to help support and maintain the growing number of new businesses that use eBay … Read more

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New Ad Campaigns invite Tube Passengers to Visit eBay

eBay have joined Virgin Media in a recent promotional partnership that could soon create an increase in eBay Mobile orders. Virgin media has announced that eBay and Renault with be the new advertising companies for the new wi-fi service on the London underground. Mark Brandon, Virgin Media’s commercial director, described eBay and Renault as ‘perfect’ launch partners that will bring … Read more

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