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As Seen on the Gadget Show (Rather Devious Website)

Fans of the Gadget Show will have noticed Goofbay being mentioned in Friday’s episode.  Admittedly, we only noticed through a huge spike in users as the episode aired.  If you were one of those who decided to visit us for the first time, then welcome!  Grab yourself a cuppa, make yourself at home and try out our eBay tools. The … Read more

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Tamebay Tools and Services Guide – Just Landed!

Tamebay Tools and Services Guide – Just Landed The mail has just arrived in the office and although chocolate would have been a more welcome surprise, we got the next best thing; Tamebay’s eBay Tools and Services Guide 2011 (in a book Now obviously, there’s a Goofbay undertone to this article and you’ve probably already guessed that its because we’re … Read more

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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Some surprising revelations have come to light with some of eBay’s latest announcements.  Apparently the amount of businesses making £1 million plus in profits through eBay will increase by a quarter by the end of the year.  Whilst the high street continues to limp along, those without their heads stuck fast in the sand have long since relocated to new … Read more

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Stop Rioting and Have a Nice Cup of Tea

For those out there waiting for eBay to turn into Lootbay – you might end up disappointed. If you’ve been in a coma for the past week you may be excused for missing the brain dead (mostly youths) of this Nation destroying the businesses who could have offered them a route out of unemployment.  Kind of like robbing the tiles … Read more

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eBay’s Shopping Spree Continues

It’s probably about time we gave up on original titles are just settled for ‘Google Acquires [insert name] every week.  Well, here goes – Google have completed the acquisition of Zong.  Zong provides payments through mobile carrier billing and it appears to have been bolted directly into PayPal as a complementary technology.  Zong leverages connections with over 250 mobile operators, … Read more

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eBay Q2 Revenue Growth Sees a Raised Full Year Forecast

eBay, who have significantly realigned and restructured their business model to facilitate rapidly progressing social commerce appear to be making the impact they have desperately wished for.  Q2 Revenue Growth has jumped a huge 25%, making eBay reconsider its overall Forecast. The reasons for this success appear to hinge around several key areas.  The sale of Skype will certainly have … Read more

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PayPal Announce Fee Changes

PayPal is set to modify its user agreement and reivse their fees; the first time they have done so since the payment gateway was established in the UK 8 years ago.  As part of the changes, PayPal will be looking to close all dormant accounts, which have remained unused for longer than 3 years. The changes ride on the back … Read more

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eBay Invests in Shipwire Fulfilment Service

eBay has invested in logistics company Shipwire as the Auction giant’s feverish acquisition strategy continues.  This latest move again highlights eBay’s determination to offer a shopping experience anywhere and at anytime.  Newell Rubbermaid Inc also invested alongside eBay, although the actual financial details have not yet been disclosed. Shipwire typically targets small ecommerce sellers who are integrating with shopping carts.  … Read more

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eBay Bargain Hunting Tips

Last week we provided an overview of hints and tips to get the most money for your eBay listings.  In case you missed it, you can view it here.  Now, we’re going to spin things around and look at some handy hints and tips which could bring you bargain hunting success.  Obviously, with Goofbay being based around bargain hunting, we’re … Read more

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Tool Intro – eBay Best Offers Tool

The eBay Best Offers Tool is one of the simplest to use within our library of eBay Tools.  It allows users to determine what % discount a seller is likely to take on a Best Offer.  The tool also displays results on a per item basis to accurately see how cheeky an offer is likely to be accepted.  Below is … Read more

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