Selling on eBay – Tips and Tricks

We all know that many old items can be worth more than what we could ever imagine. It really is true when people say ‘One mans junk is another mans treasure’. We came across a pretty cool and super useful article which is basically a “crash course on how to sell” on eBay, these tips should help get the eBay money stacking up!

The article explains how [when selling on eBay] you can cut fees, profit from those bizarre items you never thought you’d sell, when the best time to close auctions are, and more.

Instead of giving a brief of all the points from the article, we thought we would select a few of what we think are the some of the best…

Build up your profile – get buyers to trust you

  • An important tip when wanting to sell on eBay is to make sure you have some feedback on there. A ‘rookie’ mistake to make is to log in to your eBay account for the first time to sell, particularly something a little pricey such as a mobile phone, when you have zero feedback! It’ll be unlikely to attract buyers – or buyers willing to spend what the item is worth.
  • Buy a few small items, build up your feedback and who knows – you may even save some cash… after all eBay sells literally ANYTHING!

Nosey at what others have done – get tips on how to sell your stuff!

  • Take advantage of this and spy on what others have done in order to sell their stuff. You can do a little research, see what other sellers have described their goods and what money they made. Just fill in the search box and tick “completed items” on the left-hand grey bar. If the price is listed in black, it means it did not sell.
  • If you have spotted a product which is identical to yours, you can simply click “Have one to sell? Sell it yourself” to automatically fill in most of the details for you! Easy peasy.. extra tip to remember though – Never copy descriptions or pictures wholesale though.

Free listing days – Take advantage!

In order to avoid a 35p insertion fee for each item make sure you keep an eye out for eBay’s FREE listing days. You can list as many items as you want without any insertion fee. Bonus.

Remember though, you will still have to pay for any listing enhancements such as bigger pictures or adding a ‘buy it now’ option. Plus, any items which are listed on free listing weekends do not count towards your monthly allowance of 20 free listings.

For more TOP TIPS on selling on eBay CLICK HERE.

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