Spooky Bargains Aplenty on eBay this Halloween

Tis the season to be frightened! And we love Halloween as much as the next person. But Halloween also brings the chance to scoop up some freaky eBay deals on all things spooky!

Whether you’re looking for the most outrageous costume, fun filled decorations or pukka party accessories, eBay can be your one-stop-shop for all your creepy essentials.

So switch off the lights and take my hand as I lead you towards some terrifyingly good bargains…

The Best eBay Deals on Halloween Costumes

Searching for that perfect costume for trick or treating or the ultimate Halloween party? In times gone by you’d stand in line at the fancy dress shop, hoping for the last clown on cat costume.

But no more!

There are literally hundreds of costume options for all ages on eBay. These start from around £15 for an adult’s ‘Spooky Clown’ or ‘Fallen Angel’ costume through to a full (and completely detailed) ‘Deadpool’ outfit costing £55.

Not wanting a full suit? You could opt instead for a spooky ‘Zombie Autopsy Mask’ at a shade under £9 or a creepy ‘Beetlejuice’ mask for £21. Check out the full range here.

Find the best eBay Halloween decoration deals with Goofbid

The Creepiest Halloween Decorations are a Click Away

With your outfit sorted, it’s time to decorate the house and garden. In addition to the traditional pumpkin lantern (perfect for scaring off any ghouls) you’ll also want to look at the following:

Having a zombie themed party? A blood stained table cloth will set you back a mere £1.89 including postage and packing!

Or maybe you want to give your guests a real fright? Life size hanging skeletons start from £35-45. Ideal to add a little ‘extra’ to their bathroom visits.

Perhaps you’d like to decorate the garden with an undead cat and dog combo or emerging zombie model priced between £13 and £15. For more choice, see the eBay featured page here.

Go to eBay for Some Pretty Scary Party Supplies

Outfit? Check!

Decorations? Check!

Now you need some killer party supplies for the ultimate Halloween bash.

If you’re having a young kids party (and want the children to sleep this decade), there are some fun sets of cups and plates with not-too-scary monsters for a tenner while I like the inflatable bloody chainsaw for a mere £3.50!

Also on offer are bloodstained cake stands, a range of tablecloths and a full size inflatable coffin shaped beer cooler complete with an annoyed looking skeleton at £17. Grown-ups only!

Want some balloons? Choose from dozens of designs from plain black to attractive ‘Muertos’ (Day of the Dead) designs.

In fact you’d be crazy to go anywhere else than eBay with this amount of choice on offer. Check out the hundreds of listings here.

Make Sure You Get an eBay Bargain for Halloween

So many bargains and so little time! You’d better get yourself organised if you’re going to throw the Halloween party to end all parties!

Or maybe you just want to be the showstopper in the most elaborate costume known to man.

Whatever you’re doing this Halloween, don’t over pay for your party supplies. Shop at eBay and save some money in the process.


Jim Miller

Jim has been buying and selling on eBay for over 15 years! He's sold (and bought) some weird stuff and still uses it to buy all kinds of deals. When he's not cruising online bargains, Jim likes to write and help others spot a bargain and make money.

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