Vardy Salted Crisps On Offer For £1million On eBay

Just when Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy thinks things cannot go any better for him they actually can. To celebrate the strikers record breaking start to the season the Walkers limited edition of Vardy Salted is available on eBay for a staggering £1million.

Super Leicester City

During Monday night’s game between Leicester City and Chelsea the crisp makers Walkers were offering their limited edition product to all of the fans who attended the match. In total there were 32,000 packets available to the fans free of charge after Walkers decided to listen to the public and act upon an online petition which wanted a flavour of crisp to be named after Vardy following his blistering start to this seasons premier league. The striker broke Ruud van Nistelrooy’s record when he became the first player in premier league history to score in 11 consecutive league matches. Ironically the record was broken against Nistelrooy’s old club Manchester United during Leicester’s 1-1 draw with the red devils at the end of November. What makes this story even more special is that Vardy used to be a former non league striker and has worked his way up through the leagues to reach his goal of being one of the best strikers in the country today.  

Instead of sampling the new flavour of crisp one eBay user has decided to test his luck and offer his packet online for an incredible £1million. The packaging of the packet had been changed from its usual colour of red which represents Walkers ready salted crisps to the colour of blue which also included an image of Vardy celebrating scoring a goal. The eBay user is hoping that by the end of the auction he becomes the latest millionaire as a result of someone purchasing the item. Although the chances of this happening are virtually impossible it will not put of the user as he hopes a Leicester City fan will take him up on his offer.

Following the launch of the product Walkers Crisps marketing director, Rachel Holms, said “The reaction to Walkers’ limited edition Vardy Salted crisps has been phenomenal. Packets flew out of the hands of our samplers at Monday’s match.” As Walkers are also based in Leicester they are loving the sides outstanding start to the premier league season in which they are currently leading. Although the crisps are a limited edition it remains to be seen whether we will have Britain’s next millionaire but everyone at Goofbid would like to wish the eBay user all the very best.

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