Welcoming Our New Free Goofbid Toolbar

What is Goofbid’s Free Toolbar?

Are you tired of losing an eBay auction just because it finishes in the early hours and someone has outbid you? Well make that a thing of the past as our new free Goofbid toolbar allows you to automatically place a bid on any eBay product at the maximum price you specify and then we will do the rest. Our clever ebay toolbar appears when you are browsing eBay and if you fancy bidding on a product but do not have the time to sit and wait around to enter a last minute bidding war, then simply enter your maximum bid and just before the auction ends we will place a higher bid than your competitor guaranteeing you have a 99% chance of winning the auction (as long as you’re not outbid).


Benefits Of Goofbid’s Free Toolbar

Previously you may have placed a bid on an item and forgot to check if someone has bid higher which would mean that you would have lost the auction, but with Goofbid’s free toolbar you are in complete control as all you have to do is set your maximum bid and then sit back and relax knowing that you have the best chance possible of winning the auction. You can carry on with your day not having to worry about placing a last minute bid as this is all taken care of. Our automatic eBay bidder toolbar ensures that you never overpay whilst also enabling you to win late night auctions whilst you sleep.

How Do I Download Goofbid’s Free Toolbar?

Downloading our free toolbar is a piece of cake. All you need to do is access the Goofbid website in Google Chrome and at the top of the page you will see the add free Goofbid toolbar button in red which you simply click on and then click on ‘add extension’ which adds the toolbar to your Google Chrome automatically and free of charge. The extension can also be downloaded by logging into the Chrome web store and by searching for Goofbid toolbar which allows you to add it to your browser. Once you have downloaded the toolbar all you need to do is find the item you are looking for on eBay, and the toolbar will display a button “Snipe this auction!” allowing you to snipe directly from eBay. If you have any questions or queries in regards to the toolbar simply get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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