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How do I use eBay Discount codes?

1) When on the vouchers page, click on the item you are interested in. Through clicking on the code displayed, you will automatically copy it to your clipboard. It is now available to use at checkout.

2) Select 'Buy it Now' on the 'Review your Purchase' page.

3) Enter your voucher code in the 'Redeem your Voucher' box.

*Please note than sellers with customised checkouts may only redeem the voucher codes once you are logged into PayPal.
Also, throughout the buying process, you may see boxes asking for a promotional code. These are promotions specific to the retailer and in this case, you should enter your discount code when logged into PayPal.

4) Select PayPal as your payment gateway of choice (eBay Discount Vouchers only work with PayPal).

5) Once logged into PayPal, enter your eBay Discount Code into the redemption box. On occassions, you may need to click 'Enter Gift Certificate/ Reward/ Discount' to open a link to the redemption box.

6) Click on the Pay button and complete the checkout process.

Keep checking this eBay Discount codes page regularly for more great offers as they happen.

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