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27-Jan-16 - It's a brilliant tool which I use really frequently and have recommended to many friends!

27-Jan-16 - I've only ever had great experiences with Goofbid, thanks for a great service!

27-Jan-16 - I only use the sniper and it has worked really well. Never had any issues and it has helped me win all the bids I've used it on. Thanks

27-Jan-16 - When items are listed from abroad and finish at unsociable hours I find the Goofbid sniper extremely useful

27-Jan-16 - I like to decide in advance how much I'm prepared to pay for something and then stick to it. Goofbid helps me do this

31-Jan-16 - it is FANTASTIC and I am always recommending to my friends to use your site and they always tell me they are happy too.. Keep up the good work!!..

31-Jan-16 - i don't hate anything about goofbid since my friend told me about goofbid a few years ago i've used it all the time i can't hate it i love it, it is one of the best things i have come across and i am 63 years old its brilliant.

31-Jan-16 - I believe goofbid is far better and more reliable than any other sniper sites on line

31-Jan-16 - I was able to find the exact match for the part I needed using their alert service.

04-Feb-16 - Have only used it half a dozen times. It takes the tension away from trying to win at the last minute and ensures I don't keep increasing my bid beyond my original limit.

04-Feb-16 - I love that Goofbid is a website I can trust to never let me down - when I have money to spend - I use Goofbid to secure the item I'm after!

06-Feb-16 - I absolutely love Goofbid and have won many bargain items using the snipe bid! Keep up the good work! 

06-Feb-16 - Goofbid is great. I have been using it for years and saved me a lot of stress and long night waiting for the right moment to bid.
I am still working to convert all my friends using EZ sniper to Goofbid.
Please keep Goofbid the way it is. It is perfect for people like me.

08-Feb-16 - Goofbid has been the most successful sniping program that I have used and 100% better than the previous program that I had been using.

08-Feb-16 - Easy to use and effective. I don't EBay without it!

08-Feb-16 - It's great, never had a problem or a lost snipe, I've recommended you to friends and they all agree it's the best out there, thanks

09-Feb-16 - I've used Goodbid for a few years now and never had an issue. I've won many auctions due to the sniping. The best feature is that I can put in a bid and just forget about it. No more forgotten auctions or chasing the top slot

09-Feb-16 - It helps you to relax about bidding at auctions; normally it's really stressful because you have to plan when you're going to place your bid down to the last seconds, but Sniper does it for you!.

09-Feb-16 - I love not watching the clock. I love not having to bid earley. I love not getting up to bid on auctions that end after my bedtime. I love getting things much cheaper than otherwise.

10-Feb-16 - Great site, have won many auctions thanks to goofbid

10-Feb-16 - Goofbid is good because you don't miss out on what you want

13-Feb-16 - goofbid helps win ebay bids especially those that end at inconvenient times like late at night or in the working day

14-Feb-16 - Goofbid is the only tool which in addition to save me money let me earn nectar points on ebay. THANK YOU

14-Feb-16 - Saved me a a stack of money the past years!

15-Feb-16 - Very good, greatly improves your chances of winning ebay bids and easy to use.

17-Feb-16 - Good. I have been using it on and off for many years. You have improved the interface greatly.

19-Feb-16 - Easy to use and successful sniping!

19-Feb-16 - A great help in winning on ebay and it helps me to not get carried away and overspend!

21-Feb-16 - It's very easy to use, works every time, and it's free

21-Feb-16 - A great tool for when I can't be at my PC, much quicker than me anyway.

22-Feb-16 - I love you, Goofbid. You've helped me keep my sanity on many occasions. And when I forgot my password, some lovely person worked with me until I could figure out what to do! You're the best, Goofbid. I love you unabashedly! Thanks from your pal in the US!

22-Feb-16 - It's the best tool I have found for remaining ahead of the pack on eBay!

22-Feb-16 - I think the tool is amazing. My friend introduced me to it and I thank her all the time! More often that not I win when I use it and have recommended it to several people. It's great because I buy a lot from USA and it means I don't have to wait for auctions to end in the night. Thank you for this tool!!

23-Feb-16 - I Love how you can leave bids for days and not have to keep checking.

24-Feb-16 - Best sniper site

24-Feb-16 - A cost effective method of bidding on ebay. The best on the web. Keep it easy & free to use. Many thanks to the Goofbid team.

24-Feb-16 - Absolutely great, so far. I just love using this absentee bid tool.

25-Feb-16 - After missing out on a number of auctions by only one bid, I decided to try Goofbid and have had a much higher success rate since :-)

25-Feb-16 - Never missed a bid, always been 100% I have recommended to lots of friends

25-Feb-16 - this is a top website i recommend to everybody 

26-Feb-16 - Superb tool for snagging bargains. Can set up all my bids in advance when I have time with no need to be around when the item finishes, especially useful for bidding on those late night finishers while I'm asleep.

26-Feb-16 - Always use it now, with a 5sec sniper. It prevents me from getting carried away with bidding and doesn't force the price up by placing the bid too early. 

26-Feb-16 - awesome in every way, i don't know what i would do without it

27-Feb-16 - Can't fault the service - really helpful and a must-have for anyone competing against the masses of other bidders.

27-Feb-16 - Excellent sniper tool to help you bid last minute when you are unable to bid in person. 

27-Feb-16 - Easy to use and the best way to bid at auction, saves the anxiety of having to watch an item to the end, hoping to time it just right.

28-Feb-16 - Goofbid allows me to place my maximum bid and walk away, confident that my bid will be placed and that I won't get caught up in the bidding process and pay more than I would have wanted.

28-Feb-16 - Fun using the sniper and not having to wait to the final hour. Thank you for giving me back free time! ;-D

28-Feb-16 - Easy to use

28-Feb-16 - Excellent for the final bid as I often forget when things end so at least I am in with a chance with goofbid.

28-Feb-16 - Bagging that all important bargain using Goofbid nearly everytime makes me love this free service.

28-Feb-16 - Don't hate any of it. Love the flexibility though and ease of use.

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