What is eBay?

eBay is an auction site where you can buy and sell goods.

What is sniping?

Sniping is automatically placing a bid in the closing seconds of an auction to win.

Is sniping legal?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal

What does “Maximum Bid” mean?

Maximum bid is the amount that you would be willing to pay for an item at auction

What are the benefits of sniping?

Control: You can set you bid at what you want without getting caught up in bidding wars.

Ease of use: You do not need to have your computer/tablet/laptop switched on to snipe, we automatically set the snipe for you!

Time: No more waking up early in the morning to place a bid - set your snipe and forget, Goofbid will take care of the rest

Security: You can cancel your bid at any time.

Does sniping guarantee winning?

Sniping does not guarantee you to win an auction as the auction could be prematurely ended by the seller, another bidder could set a higher maximum bid or a bidder may choose the 'Buy It Now' feature that would end the auction.

Do I need to be logged in to win a snipe?

No. In fact your computer/tablet/phone doesn't need to be switched on to win

What are bid increments?

Bidding increments are set by eBay and is the amount by which the current high bid has to be raised by each time someone places a higher bid. To see the bid increment levels click here

Why do you require my eBay username and password?

To allow Goofbid to place a bid on eBay on your behalf we require you to submit your username and password.


How do I create a Goofbid account?

You can create a Goofbid account and start sniping today.

How do I snipe on Goofbid?

To find out how to snipe of Goofbid read our tutorial here

I can’t access your site and I want to cancel some of my scheduled snipes. What do I do?

If you need to cancel a snipe but don't have access to Goofbid we recommend changing your eBay password - This will all deactivate all current snipes.

Can I change my bid after I’ve placed a snipe?

Yes, you can change your snipe at any point before it has activated by logging in and clicking on the edit button on your Snipes page.

My snipe failed because error “Listing Ended”, why?

When you receive the error message 'listing ended' it suggest that eBay has not processed the snipe before the auction has ended.  

To get around this we recommend a snipe time of 3-4 seconds during high peak times on eBay - This allows a few more seconds for eBay to process the snipe successfully.

My snipe failed because of error “Incorrect login details”, why?

When you receive the error message 'incorrect log in details' it means your Goofbid and eBay account are not synchronized together.  

To sync them together you will need to: Log In to Goofbid > Go to My Account > Click on the 'Security' tab > Click on 'Change My eBay Details'  

Then you will need to fill out your eBay log in details and confirm - Your accounts will then be synced and you should not receive the 'incorrect log in details' message again.

Can I cancel a snipe before it activates?

Yes, a snipe can be cancelled anytime before it has become active.

Can I place a snipe on other auction sites?

Goofbid snipers are only compatible with eBay - no matter what country you place it from.

Is Goofbid compatible with auction cash back schemes such as eBay Bucks?

eBay do not allow auctions won by sniping the rewards of cash back schemes

What is pre-bidding?

Pre-bidding is placing a bid at the current price. This increases the chances of you snipes succesfully being placed.

Does sniping work on ‘Buy it Now’ listings?

Unfortunately sniping does not work on 'Buy It Now' listings as no bid can be placed on these items.

Why didn’t my snipe work?

Snipes can fail for a number of reasons. Contact our customer service team to investigate this further.

Email: support@goofbid.com

Website: http://www.goofbid.com/contact_us.html

What does Goofbid do with my personal information?

Occasionally Goofbid will email you with our latest news, but your information will never be handed out for sales or advertising purposes

What happens if two snipes are placed on the same item?

If two snipes are placed on the same item then the snipe with the higher maximum bid will win. If you are a Goofbid Premium member you will be notified if another Goofbid snipe has been set on the item.

What is the best ‘Snipe Time’ to have?

We recommend a snipe time of 3 or 4 seconds to make sure that the snipe deploys in time within the auction

Up to what time can I edit my snipe?

We recommend not editing the snipe within the last 30 seconds of the auction as this is when the snipe process starts and changes may not be updated.

What does “The dashboard has paused” mean?

This is something we have put in place to ensure Goofbid runs at maximum efficiency.

If your session is open on your computer but inactive for 15 minutes the dashboard will pause and a message will pop up on your browser asking if your session is still active. You can respond to this message accordingly and keep the session running or close the session.

If this message is not responded to within a certain amount of time the session closes automatically. This makes sure the Goofbid servers run the best they can.


What are the benefits of Goofbid Premium?

Group Bidding - Allowing you to bid for multiple items, and if one wins, the rest cancel.

Multiple Locations - Goofbid Premium now snipes from multiple geographical locations increasing the chances of winning a snipe compared to Goofbid Basic.

Rival Sniper Alerts - See if another Goofbid user is sniping on the same item! Only available to Premium users.

Import Watchlist - Now you can import your eBay watchlist into Goofbid for quicker and more convenient sniping

How much does Goofbid Premium cost?

Goofbid Premium is available for only £2.99 per month.

When can I cancel Goofbid Premium?

You can cancel Goofbid Premium at any time and will still receive access to Premium until the end of your final paid month.

How do I know if another Goofbidder is sniping on the same item I am?

When placing a snipe you will be notified at the point of confirmation if any rival snipers have set up a snipe on the same item. See below for an example of this.

Group Sniping

What is Group Sniping?

Group sniping lets you group similar auctions together - You can decide when to stop bidding once you win an eBay snipe in that group.

Can I schedule group bids to cancel once an item in that group is won?

Yes this is one of the many advantages of group sniping.

Remember to read more to learn why Goofbid is not working.
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