Goofbid Professional Package

Goofbid Professional Package

Our Professional package allows you access to one of the most advanced sniper platforms on the web today. A solution for both the eBay novice and the advanced user alike, we’re proud to offer a multiple location sniper, group bidding and access to the Goofbid app; all features which will enhance your chances of winning at bargain prices.

We offer two subscription methods for Goofbid; a pay monthly £2.99 where you can unsubscribe at any time, or a reduced (for a limited time) £1.99 per month solution in the form of a single payment yearly subscription.


† Offer available to first 500 subscribers only

Goofbid Professional
  Monthly Yearly
Turbo Charged Sniper Multiple snipes from multiple locations.
Rival Sniper Alerts See if other Goofbid users are sniping the same item.
Group Bidding Automatically stop sniping a group when one snipe wins.
Import Watchlist A faster way to browse and snipe.
Mobile App Manage your snipes on the move with our app.
Over 30% Discount Get over 30% discount when you go for a yearly subscription.  
£2.99* per month
£1.99** per month
Get Professional Get Professional
* Approximately $3.86 USD per month depending on exchange rate at the time of payment.

** Charged yearly at £23.88 (approximately $30.89 USD).



General Terms

By using our service you agree to the terms and conditions below., its website, app and browser extension gives you no warranty for placed or missed sniper bids. Although it's theoretically possible to miss your bid, whether due to another sniper program being used on the same auction or a communication issue between Goofbid and eBay at that precise time a bid attempts to be placed, but practically the rate of missing bids is very low and we continue working on improving the service to limit missed bids.

All bids are placed on your behalf, but we are not involved in the actual transaction between you and the seller, so we are not responsible for any issues with that transaction. Please direct any customer service issues to eBay or the seller directly.

Your eBay account must be in good standing. If it has any limitations, the same issues will apply to the sniper and it may fail for those same reasons.

No liability for unwanted items that are not correctly cancelled by a user, damages, data loss, loss of profits or any other kind of loss.

We reserve the right to deny the service to anyone at any time for any reason.

You have to use your own eBay account with this service. Your eBay username and password will NOT be shared with anyone and are used to place bids on your behalf only. We do not use them for any other reason.

You have to agree to all eBay agreements that apply to auctions you are managing. Item purchases are subject to eBay terms. eBay listings are the sole responsibility of the individual sellers.

Your bids are placed by the remote server no matter if your computer is online or offline. This means that you are not required to install any special software to use this service.

Access to the service is logged for security reasons. Also anonymous statistical information is gathered for future internal improvements.

All source code, including add-ons and other related plug-ins, is copyrighted material to Goofbid. Modification of the source code is not permitted without prior written approval.

eBay® is a registered trademark of eBay, Inc. This service is not a subsidiary of eBay, Inc.

Goofbid Professional

At the point of upgrading to Professional you are entering a contract with us that must be honoured for the duration of the subscription.

Your Professional subscription will continue month on month until cancelled. Unless your Professional subscription is cancelled before your monthly renewal date, you authorise us to charge your next months subscription fee to your chosen payment method.

You can cancel your Professional subscription at any time and will continue to have access to the Professional service until the end of your monthly billing period. NOTE: We do not provide refund or credits for any partial-monthly subscriptions. To see when your subscription ends please visit the Subscription tab within your account.

Pricing Policy

Prices shown on our website are in GBP.


We do not share or distribute your contact and personal information to 3rd parties.

Your e-mail address is required to use our service and used for the following purposes:

  • a. To send snipe statuses
  • b. To send order confirmation e-mails
  • c. Occasional Goofbid newsletters


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