Quick Snipe and Quick Snipe Bookmarklet

 Goofbid - Add Snipe

What is the Quick Snipe Bookmarklet?

A bookmarklet allows you to add a link to your web browsers bookmark bar for quick access to certain functions without the need for leaving the page you are on. The Goofbid Quick Snipe Bookmarklet provides a quick access button in your browser that allows you to set a snipe whilst viewing an item on eBay (without ever leaving the site).

How does Quick Snipe work?

Clicking the Quick Snipe button will result in a pop-up appearing with the eBay Item Number pre-filled, you then simply enter your snipe price and confirm; at which point the pop-up closes and your snipe is placed, leaving you to continue browsing on eBay.

How to set up the Quick Snipe Bookmarklet?

It couldn't be easier! Simply drag the Goofbid - Add Snipe text link on the left of this page into your web browsers Bookmarks Bar or alternatively right click on the Goofbid - Add Snipe text and select Add To Favourites.

Then when you find an item on eBay you want to snipe, just click on the 'Goofbid - Add Snipe' bookmarklet from your browser bar.


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