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Here at Goofbid we strive to bring you the best eBay bidding tools to make sure you get the best eBay deals. Sometimes technology can get the better of us leading to Goofbid not working.  

We know how frustrating it can be to lose out on an auction because of something silly so we have gone ahead and listed a few of the main reasons why snipes are lost.

My snipe failed because of an error - Listing Ended

When you receive the error message 'listing ended' it suggest that eBay has not processed the snipe before the auction has ended. 


To get around this we recommend a snipe time of 3-4 seconds during high peak times on eBay - This allows a few more seconds for eBay to process the snipe successfully. Edit your snipes here 

My snipe failed because of an error - Incorrect log in details

When you receive the error message 'incorrect log in details' it means your Goofbid and eBay account are not synchronized together.


To sync them together you will need to: Log In to Goofbid > Go to My Account > Click on the 'Security' tab > Click on 'Change My eBay Details'


Then you will need to fill out your eBay log in details and confirm - Your accounts will then be synced and you should not receive the 'incorrect log in details' message again.  


Why won't my eBay account connect to my Goofbid account?

In order to solve this problem we recommend changing the password on your eBay account and then reconnect your eBay and Goofbid accounts.

What does the 'Unknown Error' mean?

Our developers are constantly working to improve our sniping tool, and this can sometimes lead to this rare error message.

We are working so that this error does not happen again in the future.

What does 'Does not meet buyer requirements' mean?

This error most often occurs when there is not a PayPal account linked with your eBay account. 


Try creating a PayPal account, link that with your personal bank account and then connect PayPal to your eBay account. Ensure there are sufficient funds to purchase the item in your bank account.

For more help on everything Goofbid please visit our FAQ's page.

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